Adaptogenic plant-based energy
& vitality for greater athletic performance.

VitalFit Source is an invigorating, functional mushroom-adaptogen blend to help your body produce its own jitter-free, crash-resistant energy and improve athletic endurance.*
    1. Helps your body restore & produce sustainable energy.*
    2. Boosts athletic endurance & exercise stamina.*
    3. Counters adrenal fatigue & exercise burnout.*
    4. Improves immune & cardiovascular function.*
    1. Certified Organic Wild-Cultured Cordyceps (1.5g)
    2. Additive Free High-Altitude Pine Pollen  (1g)
    3. No sugar. No sweeteners, & No artificial flavors. Gluten, grain, wheat & dairy free. Vegan.

    1. We suggest mixing 1-2 teaspoons (about 3 grams) with hot water, tea, coffee, nut milk, or favorite smoothie.
    2. For exercise endurance, drink 30-60 minutes before working out.
    3. For jitter-free energy, drink as needed throughout the day.
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The "Master Rejuvenator" Of Energy

Source is an invigorating adaptogenic blend to help restore baseline energy levels, resist fatigue and increase athletic endurance. Source balances the energizing effect of wild cultured cordyceps with the rejuvenating properties of high-altitude pine pollen, helping your body produce its own jitter-free, crash-resistant energy

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