Adaptogenic, Plant-Based Repair
For Healthy cells and Better Brains.

VitalFit Adapted is a calming, functional mushroom-herb blend to help your body resist mental strain and burnout so you can take on your workout or workday with a clear head, better mood, and greater focus.*

    1. Supports memory, concentration, & mental clarity.*
    2. Repairs & regenerates damaged cells in the brain.*
    3. Counters adrenal fatigue & exercise burnout.*
    4. Helps regulate cortisol production to relieve stress & anxiety.*
    1. Certified Organic Lion's Mane (1.5g)
    2. Certified Organic Holy Basil (1.5g)
    3. Certified Organic Lemon Balm (45mg)
    4. No sugar. No sweeteners, & No artificial flavors. Gluten, grain, wheat & dairy free. Vegan.

    1. We suggest mixing 1-2 teaspoons (about 3 grams) with your water (hot or cold), tea, nut milk, or favorite smoothie.
    2. Adapted is naturally sweet, rich, and earthy.
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Adaptogenic, plant-based
recovery for better cognition.

Supports: Mental Stamina* || Concentration* || Memory*  Replenishes: Adrenals*  Counters: Over-Training*


Adapted helps improve your body's response to stress (physical & mental), optimizing cognitive and athletic performance alike.*

Adapted is a complete mind-body recovery to counteract the strain of over-training, over-working, over-anything, on the brain. This integrative mushroom-herb blend adapts to your body’s post-burnout needs by replenishing adrenals, regulating cortisol production and regenerating damaged cells in the brain.* 

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