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Growing up in a medical home, Co-Founder Cam Fischer grew up learning how to balance this and how to supplement that, safely. Flash forward to the age of modern wellness, and it wasn't hard to see things changing: commissioned sales clerks, flashy labels, overwhelming info, and quickly growing gap between overgeneralized lifestyle products and over-the-top performance products (matcha vs. creatine).

A few days into grad school, Cam met his good friend and new Co-Founder Alfred Schofield, a fellow problem solver with the entrepreneurial spirit. Together, they took a deep dive into the supplement space, trying to understand the problems and find that missing link. The conclusion? Collaboration. An open dialogue the people making products and those who take them.

We set out to do things differently—design products with health-conscious, fitness forward people like us. People who aren't looking for magical elixirs or tingly pre-workouts, but innovative, earth sourced products to help make the most of what their body has to give. 


 We work with suppliers we trust to hand select and source the highest-quality ingredients available. Nothing artificial. Never preserved. Additive-free without question.


In an industry dominated by buzzwords, We choose ingredients for function, not passing trends. Every product starts with a problem, and each ingredient plays a part in solving it.


We rely on people like us to pinpoint real needs & ways to meet them. From ideas to ingredients; testing to design, we're collaborators every step of the way.

Our ongoing mission: to merger design thinking with integrative medicine and the modern wellness community  create the best recovery products on earth.

Our Journey So Far

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