What is VitalFit?


"VitalFit is a new approach to health and wellness.  We are a fitness lifestyle brand, but when I think of VitalFit, I think of collaboration, communication, and transparency starting with our process and ending with our products.  We start by working with everyone to see what’s holding people back from reaching their goals, and then we do our best to come up with ways to help. We hope that with input from those who know, and by creating products that people actually need, we can help shape a new, more responsible health and wellness industry".  





Q&A With the Founders


Why did you create VitalFit?

Cam: We came up with the idea sitting in my room one night at Babson College, where Alfred and I were pursuing our graduate degrees. I had recently started doing more functional workouts and wanted something to help me move a little better and recover a little faster. What I found, though, was the opposite: products with flashy packaging and dubious claims. Most of them were also geared at people who do heavy lifting and wanted to bulk up. That wasn’t me – I just wanted something simple and natural to give that extra boost to my regular workout cycle.

How did you meet and what brought you together as business partners?

Alfred: Cam and I met during our first few days at Babson -- we had a rapport from day one.  We also had a lot in common, and I would say that our energy and personalities have always worked well together.  Far before any business venture, we spent a lot of time hanging out, talking about cars and movies and had a ton of mutual friends.  Being at a school centered around entrepreneurship, we were always talking about solving pain points, and what industries we would want to break into it.  We became closer and worked on several class projects together (team group work is a big part of life at Babson) and knew that we could work well together.

How would you describe your own fitness/ health regimen?

Cam: I think functional fitness has become a buzzword but it's what I'm into.  I do a lot of circuit training, HIIT training (mostly bodyweight).  I try and do workouts that improve my mobility, agility, stability, etc.  I'm not an athletic person -- I never was! – but I’m more of the spirit and sportsmanship type. However, I've seen first hand what a functional workout can do.  For the first time in my life I'm moving quickly, feeling agile and at least thinking it's possible for me to become athletic.  It was something I thought you had to be born with, but I've seen massive improvements in my athleticism. 

VitalFit has some core values, including being part of a community and living your best life. What do you say your own life motto is?

Alfred: Take chances and be the change you want to see. I’m doing this because it feels right and I would regret it if I didn’t. I want to follow my passions and live life on my own terms.  I realized when I was just going through the motions or doing something that wasn’t me, I would never be happy.












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