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Our Process

A new perspective for age old solutions

We're on a never-ending quest to find the best natural ways to treat the challenges that our bodies face - and we know we can't do it alone.  To help us find the answers, we employ a design thinking approach - a big term for a simple idea.  We ditched the secrecy and proprietary blends in favor of openness and collaboration.  Instead, we opt to collaborate with leaders in the industry and use an iterative process to cultivate the best that mother nature has to offer.  

We start by looking for problems to solve

Vitalfit started with a simple insight - the sports nutrition products available just weren't good enough.  So we asked ourselves - why not? The simple answer - the current offerings weren't focused on the people that they were treating.  

We stripped it down to the core and started with this question - what holds you back? We built a network of fitness industry professionals and everyday users who provide insights into the pain points - then we start the process of finding a natural solution. 

We embrace the help of experts

If you think you know all the answers, you've already lost.  So, once we identify problems, we then approach a whole different panel of experts - our team of doctors, nutritionists, integrative medicine specialists, and natural product industry veterans.

Here, we identify natural ingredients that might unlock the solution to the issues identified.  The doses, formulas, and ingredient pairings become essential, so we work on many iterations so that we can compare how the solutions hold up under real world testing.

We test, test, and the test some more

Nothing is ever perfect on the first try.  So, we take our formulas and hand them back to the very people who helped us identify the problem.  We have them test and then gather feedback. 

We then use this feedback to help us iterate.  Sometimes ingredients aren't well received, formulas are a bit off, or the taste just isn't palatable.  For every product we release, we've probably tried hundreds of variations - and we wouldn't change a thing.  It is through this process that true innovation happens. 

We source the best version of every ingredient

Not all ingredients are created equal.  While most companies buy finished goods with little care towards ingredient sourcing, we individually source each of the ingredients used in our blends.  We focus on working with companies that hold themselves to the same standards we hold ourselves.

This means that each ingredient is the best version of itself - which helps you be the best version of yourself.  

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