Artisan Story

At Vitalfit, we’re always looking for natural solutions to the challenges our body’s face.


Raised in a medical family, Cam Fischer was always well versed in how nutrition impacted overall wellbeing. As his fitness journey began, he started asking himself how the supplements he was taking were impacting performance. He quickly noticed a disconnect between what he knew about nutrition and the current market offerings. And with that spirit of curiosity, the VitalFit journey began.



It was during their time together at graduate school where Cam teamed up with Alfred Schofield, a fellow problem solver and entrepreneur. Along with the Boston wellness community, they began developing innovative natural supplement products through a design thinking process. The result? An entirely new take on supplementation inspired by plant-based ingredients and collaboration with an ongoing mission to get the most of what our bodies have to give, naturally.



Trust the process and the results will come.

At VitalFit, we want to change the way supplements are fundamentally designed—this means flipping the product development process on its head. From problem discovery to ingredient selection, product feedback to packaging design, we collaborate with forward-thinking wellness experts, fitness professionals and everyday health-conscious people to find the best that nature has to give.
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