Meet Marissa Cohen

December 21, 2017

Meet Marissa Cohen


My name is Marissa and I am a college student in Boston who teaches Pilates and Barre classes. I work to bring mindfulness to movement and aim to spread a message of developing healthy habits at a young age.

To me, wellness is about taking the best care of yourself each and every day.

I grew up in a family that embraced acupuncture, herbalist remedies, and essential oils as ways of healing, so I am all about taking a holistic approach, while keeping it easy and fun! I believe in fueling our bodies and our minds through functional nutrition (that tastes amazing).

I came across VitalFit’s social media pages and immediately resonated with the brand. I can be a bit of a product “snob,” and Vital Fit’s products completely meet my standards.

As a group fitness instructor, the Tart Cherry Extract has helped my recovery tremendously.

I love being in the kitchen and playing around with the products. I am excited to share my recipes and daily living practices here with you!

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