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Tart Cherries & Muscle Soreness?

by Alfred Schofield January 02, 2018

Tart Cherries & Muscle Soreness?

Hey guys!

Do you ever have an amazing workout and feel great but the next morning you wake up and have trouble even getting out of bed?

Muscle soreness is one aspect of my fitness routine that can get in the way. The positive side is that soreness means I’m growing stronger, but on the other hand, it can be uncomfortable and inconvenient.

I manage muscle soreness by eating a diet full of antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables. Tart cherries are loaded with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals, which make them great if you are looking for a safe and convenient way to combat post-workout muscle soreness.

Tart cherries, also known as Montmorency cherries, are thick-skinned, sour cherries that are widely researched for their anti-inflammatory properties.

Here are some ways that tart cherries can help you:

  • Better Sleep: Tart cherries consumed regularly, helps increase sleep quality and quantity by up to 90 minutes. They produce the hormone, melatonin, which regulates sleep in our bodies. This makes tart cherries perfect for people who have insomnia or are just looking to get better sleep.
  • Decreased Muscle Pain: The peels of tart cherries have high antioxidant and anti-inflammatory content which helps reduce muscle soreness caused by exercise. Tart cherries provide a safer and more efficient way to treat muscle pain than over-the-counter medication.
  • Faster Recovery and Less Muscle Damage: Anthocyanin, the pigment that gives cherries their red color, helps in recovery from strenuous physical activity. They also aid in the reducing damage by free radicals and reduce inflammation caused by exercise. Free radicals are molecules missing one electron. To make up for this lack, free radicals steal electrons from healthy cells, leaving these healthy cells damaged. Tart cherries help counteract the presence of free radicals in the body thereby speeding up recovery and enhancing performance after a vigorous workout.
  • Antioxidant Benefits: After an intense and prolonged exercise session, our bodies can be left with an imbalance, called oxidative stress. Tart cherries’ antioxidant properties improve our bodies’ ability to resist this damage. The red pigment in tart cherries, anthocyanins, are loaded with disease-fighting chemicals that can help stop cell changes that sometimes lead to cancer.

Tart cherries provide a safe, efficient and convenient way to minimize the symptoms of exercise-induced muscle damage and are perfect as a post-workout supplement.

Have any questions or just want to learn more about tart cherries?

I would love to talk to you and share the research papers I referred to while writing this article!


Alfred Schofield
Alfred Schofield

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