Substance Behind the Athleisurewear Craze

October 13, 2016

Substance Behind the Athleisurewear Craze

Formality has lost the battle to functionality, conservative has lost the war to comfortable. 

Some people will tell you that fashion is the most subjective brand of art-form, less than any other form of expression is there a standard of exceptionalism versus futility.  While everyone's a big fan of yoga pants, I am an almost equally big fan of joggers: loose and baggy ankle high pants with a tight stretchy ends.  These sweatpant/capri hybrids are taking the country by storm as both Puma and Nike have top-world golfers in Ricky Fowler and Rory Mcilroy rocking these comfortably funky contraptions.  I should probably just take these highly suitable fashion trends for granted, count my lucky stars that they may outlive me and not worry about how these trends reflect on the way society has evolved.  Spoiler: that's what I am about to do. 


Let us clear up one formality before going any further. The vast majority of women wearing yoga pants to work are not planning on spending their lunch hour perfecting their bridge pose or the upward facing dog.  And at the same time, when I wear my joggers to a fancy restaurant its not because I am planning on dining and dashing.  So what’s the deal? Here are a few wild guesses.


Nobody can deny that health is a factor, more than ever before in modern history we live in a society that is health conscious in every facet of life, and what better way to express this than athleisure?  Concurrently, athletes across the world are gaining in wealth, power, and influence by the day as viewership proportions rise and as platforms for building one’s personal brand have risen with the rise of the internet.  With every basketball star comes a personalized sneaker brand, an industry which has so far transcended the athletic niche that many look at certain Air Jordan’s as the pinnacle of high fashion.  My final guess comes full circle with the intro(little writer’s trick right there)…society in general is becoming less burdened by formalities and has begun positively reinforcing ownership of one’s body.  That really is the difference: the status quo has shifted from viewing clothes to cover the body whereas athleisure clothing accentuates and celebrates the human figure.

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