Ramfis Myrthil - Change Maker

May 14, 2018

Ramfis Myrthil - Change Maker


Hi VitalFit Community,

Sorry you haven't seen a great deal of new content from us recently as we've been traveling and growing - trust us, there will be tons of new information soon as we reveal much of what we've been working on the last few months! 

In the meantime, we wanted to introduce and share the story of Ramfis Myrthil.  A few weeks ago, we were in New York as we were honored by Schneps Communications as members of their 40 under 40 club - as well as the great honor of Entrepreneurs of the Year! 

While there, we met Ramfis, a fellow honoree, and have gotten to know him better in the past few weeks.  In that time, we have been blown away by his story and initiatives and wanted to share some of the powerful work that he has been working on.  



At his core, Ramfis is a New York-based filmmaker who loves telling New York stories. Applying an East Coast ethic to the world of film and media, Ramfis works to produce narrative features that reflect the best, most captivating parts of his community – passion, integrity, and honor.

As we learned more about his past and some of the movies that he's worked on we were blown away.  He's had movies at Sundance and Cannes and has won more film-making awards than we can list! 

Ramfis is a founding partner and co-President of Beast of the East Productions (BOTEP) and we'll try to detail a few of his most notable projects - and encourage anyone to check them out! 

Most recently, Ramfis went to The 2018 Sundance Film Festival with “A Boy, A Girl, and A Dream,” which placed among the top 18 films for the entire festival, and has since been picked up by Samuel Goldwyn Films and will be showing in theaters this Fall!



Before that, “The Broken Ones,” which he produced, sold out the opening night of The SOHO International Film Festival 2017, and is currently set for domestic, as well as South African and Chinese distribution.

Going back even further, he worked on “Good Business,” where he collaborated with Academy Award winner Mercedes Ruehl and went on to win Best Comedy at The Long Beach International and Manhattan Film Festivals.

Ramfis’ proclaims that his "proudest achievements to date" are producing “Any Other Way,” the very first music video for the legendary rock group, The Zombies, and premiering his short film, “Love and The Small Print,” at the 2012 65th Annual Cannes Film festival, where it was picked up by Shorts International for worldwide distribution.

His company, BOTEP, produced “Bridge and Tunnel,” which played at over 40 film festivals, earning a dozen awards and over thirty nominations. It would continue on to a limited theatrical run before being picked up by Amazon.


One of his most powerful films is “Powerless” (2013), a short, highly personal Hurricane Sandy documentary as part of a campaign for hurricane relief in Long Beach NY. The documentary earned a special Proclamation from the city of Long Beach.

What impressed us most about Ramfis was how he has used his immeasurable talent and platform to drive change in communities that are near and dear to his heart.  

Ramfis participates with non-profits Mythic Bridge, which brings filmmaking education to underserved youth, as well as the I Can Still Do That Foundation, where he sits on the music board and young advisors committee to help American workers survive and thrive in difficult economic times.



Ramfis also acts as a leader in the minority and film communities. In March, 2017, Ramfis had the privilege of serving as a panelist for Blacks on Wall Street 2017, where he spoke to an audience of over 200 high school students about finding success in the professional world through mentorship and internship opportunities.

Ramfis is also member of BAFTA NY, The Friars Club, The Hollywood Radio & Television Society (HRTS), the SEC Roughriders chapter of Toastmasters International, and sits on the advisory board of the Long Island Film/TV Foundation.

To contact Ramfis, visit his website or reach him via email at rrmyrthil@yahoo.com.

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