Perfect Pairings: Heritage Meets Innovation at Natural Food Exchange

May 26, 2017

Perfect Pairings: Heritage Meets Innovation at Natural Food Exchange

VitalFit is proud to announce our newest retail location: The Natural Food Exchange, in Reading, MA.

After launching at Cambridge Naturals, we were looking for stores that matched their experience, knowledge, and connection to the local community. Luckily, the team members of Cambridge Naturals were able to point us towards The Natural Food Exchange. They knew that this was an organization that did things the right way. What makes The Natural Food Exchange different is that they use only 100% non-GMO products throughout the store. They also focus on the finest quality local, organic, natural, and allergen-free products. This has led to them being a mainstay on the North Shore for wellness products for the last 40 years.

When we first approached The Natural Food Exchange, they were in the midst of an ownership change. Luckily, we were able to meet the new owner, Krystal, shortly after she took over. Krystal and the VitalFit team immediately struck a chord: we both focused on entrepreneurship through graduate studies and while both new to industry, are working hard to correct some of the ills that we have seen from some of the more entrenched brands. “The natural foods industry has truly grown over the years as more people become acutely aware of the need to actively safeguard their health. Our role is to filter out the best and most authentic products in the industry and connect them with our customers,” remarks Krystal.


After a few meetings, Krystal was confident enough to bring us in. One of her missions has been to modernize the selections at the store and carry products that are more relatable for the modern consumer. In Krystal’s own words, “My goal for the Natural Food Exchange has always been to expand the offerings while staying true to the quality and exceptional service we’ve come to be known for.” We knew that this would be a great fit.

In the last few weeks, we have been doing product demos and meeting many members of the local north shore community. If you haven’t been in to the store recently, please check out our products and get a better idea of how Krystal is innovating; keeping the business true to its roots while also expanding the offerings and making The Natural Food Exchange accessible to all. I think she summed it up best, “We are always happy to partner with suppliers who truly care about the end user of their product. They tend to use the highest quality ingredients and they tend to take the long route in production. They painstakingly assess what impact each ingredient and phase of their production will have on customers. When customers truly benefit from a product, they lead happier and healthier lives. And that’s what we want, happy, healthy customers.”

Here’s to a bright future and we hope that VitalFit and Natural Food Exchange will continue to grow together and help North Shore residents with all of their health and wellness needs for years to come.

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