Learn about Cordyceps: The Energizing Mushroom

January 22, 2018

Learn about Cordyceps: The Energizing Mushroom


When creating Source, we wanted to find an ingredient that could deliver energy without throwing stress-regulating adrenals out of balance. Between our research, our network, and the members of our fitness community, we realized wild-cultured cordyceps were just what we were looking for. Beyond their energizing properties, these adaptogenic mushrooms are known to naturally extend athletic endurance. Cordyceps are a remarkable superfood mushroom and without further adieu, here's how they work. 

What Are Cordyceps?

In September 1993, Cordyceps made international headlines when a team of Chinese women runners Chinese broke world records by huge margins. It was later discovered that these athletes were supplementing with cordyceps.

So what are cordyceps? Cordyceps are fungi used around the world to boost stamina, energy, immunity and more! They have been used in traditional Chinese medicine since the 1700s and are used in food and teas to promote health and longevity. Keep reading to find out how cordyceps can be beneficial:

  • Sustainable Energy Source:  Unlike artificial stimulants like caffeine, cordyceps provide a source of energy without the “crash.” Cordyceps contain adenosine, a compound that stimulates the production of ATP, a natural source of energy in the body’s cells.
  • Boosts Athletic Endurance:  Similar to the runners that broke multiple world records in 1993, supplementing with cordyceps for just 12 weeks has been shown to significantly improve exercise performance. A 2007 study showed that athletes were able to increase the intensity of workouts while increasing the length as well.
  • Strengthens The Immune System:  Cordyceps enhance the body’s ability to fight infections and injury and strengthen the ability to detect and destroy pathogens and damaged cells in the body.

Cordyceps are ideal if you are looking for a natural, crash-resistant source of energy that can help improve athletic performance. You might even break a few records of your own!

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