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Inspiring Instructor - Victoria Badolato

by Rochelle Louis June 01, 2018

Inspiring Instructor - Victoria Badolato

Today we'd like to introduce you to Victoria! Victoria is a spin instructor at B/SPOKE studios and a personal trainer at VB Brides, a training program for brides-to-be. We asked Victoria about her motivators, challenges, personal health strategies and more. Here's what she had to say!


Tell us the story of how you got started in the fitness studio and wellness industry!

I started as a student at exhale and then entered the instructor program. That opened my world to teaching and i havent looked back! My next training was indoor cycling and i completely fell in love with the energy and the music. I really love what I do and the amazing people that come to take my class. They all inspire me.

What prompted you to start your private training program for brides, VBbrides?

I was approached by a student of mine to train her for her wedding day and the experience was so rewarding. Working with my brides towards our goal, achieving results and then watching them glow on their wedding day is the best feeling ever.

What are some challenges you’ve faced on on your path to your health and fitness goals? What advice would you give to someone who might be in the same position?

The fitness industry is hard, but amazing.

Staying focused on what you want to achieve and putting the students first is my advice. We are here to inspire and help people!!

What do you think is the next big trend in the wellness industry?

I would love to see more classes that involve TRX and resistance band workouts.

I would also love more barre options or something like “ The Class by Taryn Toomy”

What would you like to see in the future of the fitness and wellness industry?

More real interaction with students and community- less social media :)

What do your health strategies look like? What do you do to stay healthy and happy?

Plenty of sleep, Lots of good food to fuel my body and rest days spending time with the people I love.

What do you look for in your health and wellness products/what is important to you and why?

With all the energy I give to others. I need to replenish my body with good stuff. Tart Cherry is a lift saver for recovery!!

Where do you see yourself in the future/what do you want your career to look like?

I love where I am now, I worked hard to get here so I’m grateful. I’m so proud to work for Bspoke Studios and excited for the future of VBbrides :)

What products would you like to see form us in the future?

I trust you guys, but anything that will help this body feeling good!


Be sure to check out Victoria on her Instagram @vtoriabfit

Rochelle Louis
Rochelle Louis

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