Inspiring Instructor - Alyssa Boyd

December 06, 2017

Inspiring Instructor - Alyssa Boyd

Hi Vitalfit Fam,

Today we wanted to introduce you to another member of our amazing fitness/wellness community. Meet Alyssa Boyd, she is one of the core team members at Rev'd Cycling - one of our favorite studios in the area. She describes herself as an "Alyssa of all trades" but we're not really sure that description is enough! Alyssa's positivity, exuberance, and self confidence are infectious and she's one of the most rapidly developing fitness instructors out there!

What really makes Alyssa so special is her breadth of experience and her relatability - it seems like she's seen it all! From her amazing past life as a fundraising guru to the stars, to her time in California, we dig into everything that has created the Alyssa that Boston has come to know and love! That's enough from us, read more to learn all about Alyssa (in her own words) and see some of the exciting stuff her and Rev'd have coming up soon!


Let's start this thing off in our normal fashion - Can you tell us the story of how you became a fitness instructor?

Long story short (although I’m sure its not going to end up short HAHA)… I lived in San Diego, California from 2010 to 2014 and in March of 2014, I found myself in a really bad place in life. I was extremely overweight, depressed, and generally unhappy. One day I woke up and literally was like “I CANNOT DO THIS TO MYSELF ANYMORE,” and I turned my life around…literally just like that. I cut out a TON of toxic people, started exercising on my own, and signed up for a half marathon.

My little sister was on tour that summer with a band and she found herself in LA. While she was in California, she “dragged” me to my first spin class! I instantly fell in love. I found a place down in San Diego and starting spinning 4-5 times a week with a good friend of mine. Instantly hooked. I started to see the weight drop off, but more important, my whole attitude towards life changed. I was happier, healthier, and all around just a much BETTER person!

The last part of truly becoming happy for me was to get out of California and get back home to Boston. I of course was devastated to leave my San Diego spin studio, but within days of moving back home, my friend from high school told me to check out Rev’d. My first class was with Meaghan and I instantly knew I’d found my home.

I started spinning 5-7 (even sometimes 8) times a week at Rev’d. My first class was in December of 2014, and in May of 2015, they approached me and asked me if I’d ever considered being an instructor. I said “yeaaaa probably not, but I’ll think about it.” I went home and thought about it, long and hard. I was terrified. I used to be really shy (can you believe it!) and really was too intimidated to take the step to train, even though I really, really wanted to do it. I decided to take a leap of faith, overcome my fear of being in front of people on a “stage” and I realized that since spin changed my life so much, maybe I could help other people accomplish those same goals. I started training in June 2015 and had my first two classes on September 10th. I never, ever, EVER thought my career path would lead me here, but now here I am, teaching 13 classes a week, and truly living my best possible life!

We were fascinated by some of the work that you did before Rev’d (and maybe a bit in awe) when we spoke a few weeks ago – can you share a bit about it? What were some of your favorite parts?

I used to live a WHOLE different life, and it’s super crazy to even think back on those days!

Before Rev’d, I worked in sports and entertainment, helping professional athletes with their charitable efforts. As I shared with you guys, my biggest claim to fame was helping to bring retired NFL great Marshall Faulk into the Hall of Fame. We planned his whole HOF weekend from A to Z, and the highlight was a huge party with Deion Sanders, Snoop Dogg, and Nelly. I’ve really seen a lot… and really, really appreciate the whole sports industry and just how hard athletes work. I’ve gone to Super Bowl weeks and partied with famous actresses, actors, and athletes (never to a game though!), I’ve planned huge celebrity golf tournaments and galas, and really had a lot of fun in the process.

My favorite parts were honestly getting to realize that famous people are just people. I grew up with a dad on TV (he was an anchorman for WCVB for many years), and always kind of knew that people in the spotlight really were just people, but I got to know so many really genuine people and respect different sports and all that goes into being a professional athlete, SO much.

That's such an amazing experience! In a lot of our interactions, it seems everyone wants to get more involved in social causes but aren't always sure where to start - any advice?

Start small. A lot of people (and people I’ve worked with in the past) have grand ideas of starting their own foundation. That takes a LOT of work, and a LOT of money (honestly). Start by picking a cause that you are passionate about, and pouring a lot of energy into that cause, and existing organizations. Volunteer for a walk, get a team together for a race, spend some time during the holidays going to shelters, or pick up a secret Santa for a family who needs it a little bit more than you. It’s okay to give back where and when you can! Don’t feel you aren’t doing enough by partnering with people who already do what you want to do.

That's awesome advice, especially at this time of year when people can make such a big difference. We wanted to dig in a bit more and learn about your role at Rev’d and where you see the studio going in the next year or two?

My official title at Rev’d is “Full-Time Instructor and Events Manager,” but it really should say something more like “Alyssa of All Trades.” I’m primarily in charge of all of the in-studio events (group rides, charity rides, bringing in awesome companies like VitalFit, etc) and helping with the training of new instructors. As mentioned, I also have 13 classes a week and I teach at all 3 studios – so I do a lot of bopping around! With any small business, your job description is constantly changing. I think that Meaghan and Clyde would agree that I am a “yes” girl, so I’m happy to do really anything that Rev’d needs!

Within the next year or two, we will have definitely one, and maybe even two new studios. And we probably will be in discussions about number 6 and 7. [Insert side smile emoji]

What was it like transitioning from working with Patriot players to working at Rev’d? How’d your community change and how did it stay the same?

It’s so funny… it was such a smooth transition and I honestly never looked back and said “man, my life was so much cooler when I was partying with Gronk on the weekends.” Working in sports is tiring. It’s a LOT of fun, but it’s really easy to get wrapped up in that world of fame. Rev’d brought me down to earth, and I have found the most incredible community of people to help lift me up. Don’t get me wrong… I worked with the MOST wonderful people when I worked in sports, but there was also a lot of disappointment because sports is so, so cutthroat and unstable.

I will say, one of the most memorable moments ever of my whole career was our ride on Gillette Field back in October. Teaching next to Meaghan on our biggest stage yet, was THE coolest thing for me. I got to combine all of my passions and experiences into the most perfect night. Event planning, giving back, sports, AND Rev’d. It was literally… a dream come true. I still am not even sure it really happened, but there are photos to prove it. ☺

You bring this entrepreneurial spirit and passion to Rev’d everyday – in what ways has your past experience given you a leg up in the fitness community? What were some of the most important lessons you learned that have helped you thrive since getting into the wellness scene?

I could go on and on about this one. What we do… is NOT easy. In fact, it’s really, really hard. But in the best way possible and I’d never trade it. My past has allowed me to realize that if you push, push, and push some more… good things will follow. There has never been a day in my almost 3 years at Rev’d that I ever thought about quitting. Yes, some days end in tears, or my legs hurt and I don’t know if I can teach that third class… or something that was supposed to happen doesn’t come through… but I KNOW deep in my heart that this is my career path, and this place will be the last place I work.

Giving up is easy. I don’t… and that is why I’ve made it. I’ve learned that you have to treat each day as a new opportunity, instead of looking at it as a day that passes by. We wake up with a WHOLE blank slate ahead of us, and to me, that is so exciting.

Do you think the event planning/organization skills you developed in the past have affected your role and thinking currently? If so, how?

Oh yes. I’m very, very organized. Planning events REALLY challenges a lot of your patience, and really challenges your organizational skills. You have to get really good at fixing problems on the fly (because they always, always happen), and I think that definitely translates into what I’m doing now. Growing a start up business is HARD. I’m thankful to be organized and not sweat the small stuff. I’ve also only worked for small offices and businesses, and I have a HUGE passion for making things work, even when things get tough.

It seems like you’ve worked with athletes at just about every juncture of your career – what drives you towards athletes? What do you think mentally separates a competitive athlete from others?

I think it’s because I always was one growing up. I was pretty decent at volleyball and basketball, and got a couple offers to play either D1 or D3 volleyball or basketball at a few different schools, but settled on focusing on academics at Georgetown. I love athletes because they just have a passion like no other. It’s the drive that never stops. It’s the competition – either the power to better themselves, or work together with a TEAM to all get better. There is just something about an athlete… it’s the will to just POWER THROUGH.

You’ve gone coast to coast spending some time in CA and now obviously in MA. Can you tell us a bit about how the coasts differ? Are things more different than people think or more the same?

Two completely different worlds. San Diego is a party town that never sleeps. Rush hour is at 2pm because you leave work to get to the beach. It’s almost like a fantasy land, but it’s AWESOME. The weather is amazing, you are happy all year round because it doesn’t get cold, and there are a ton of really unique opportunities. I will say, their sports scene was a little lackluster since there are so many outdoor options rather than going to sporting events, and being from Boston, I found that to be a little …. different (aka lame).

We always hear that the east coast is a few years behind the trends on the west coast, did you find this to be true?

I would agree with this if you asked me a few years ago, but Boston and New York are quickly catching up to LA. I was honestly shocked when I got back to Boston and found that there were trendy cafes downtown to sit on Sundays and have brunch, and the club scene had really improved. Now, I certainly don’t frequent either of those anymore haha, but I will say that definitely in fitness too, we are catching up nicely to those guys over on the west.

That's awesome to hear! We think that a lot of that comes down to some of the amazing leaders and businesses in Boston and Meaghan and Clyde are some of the most inspirational leaders out there – what do you think makes them so special? How does their leadership affect you on a daily basis?

I would be surprised if I get through this one without tears. Meaghan and Clyde are by far the most incredible people to work for. They both inspire me in such different ways, and I owe SO much to them. They have helped me grow and develop into someone I never thought I could be, and I would absolutely agree that they are incredible, inspirational leaders. I do what I do because I want THEM to be successful and I want to help them make their dream work, because they deserve it more than anyone I know.

Meaghan is special because well… she’s Meaghan. She’s one of my best and dearest friends, and one of the first people I would call if I was in a serious pinch. I was fascinated by her when I first met her, and we joke about how I would come in and sit in the studio and just want to be around her all the time. She is the first person to ask me how I am doing, and I know that she genuinely means it. She knows me inside and out, and it’s such a privilege to be able to work alongside her. She never quits, but also knows when to take care of herself – which is something I really admire about her and I’m trying to work on myself. She makes me better. We had a huge meeting the other day, and I honestly sat there in awe listening to her talk about Rev’d. She’s so knowledgeable and works extremely hard to really take care of her employees and her incredible company. I look up to her so, so, so much.

Clyde is like the big brother I never had. He challenges me to be better, literally every single day. I’ve never seen him really get angry, and he’s someone that I just want to work really hard for, because he is always the first person to say “yes” to something without any hesitation. He works VERY hard and somehow balances everything he has going on, just fine. I will never forget, one night Clyde was in the studio late and heard me practicing when I was in the development program to become an instructor. He asked me if I could call him the next day, and I was terrified of what he had to say. I got him on the phone and he said “I was listening to you last night. You have the potential to be one of the best, so never settle and keep working really hard.” And that is how I live every single day at Rev’d. Yes I get good numbers and people seem to like me at Rev’d (they keep coming back so they must???), but I never, ever will tell you that I’m the best I can be. I never, ever stop working to improve and that’s all for Meaghan and Clyde (and of course myself).

What is your favorite thing about working on a close knit team like Rev’d? Do you think this team mentality is a competitive advantage?

We are the best team around town, and I know that as a fact. The three other people I work with full-time are the GREATEST. We laugh together, we cry together, and we really are a family. We had a little get together the other day, and afterwards we were all saying how much we truly love each other, and how we can’t wait to grow old with each other and Rev’d, and see where this all takes us. I’ve never worked in a place where my coworkers literally became family, and that’s a huge, huge advantage. We all work TOGETHER, so we can make ALL of our dreams come true. I’m so lucky.

Rev’d has been growing like crazy! Have there been any growing pains? Are there any ways that you’ve seen the business change in the time that you’ve been there?

Another one I could go on, and on, and on about. It’s growing SO crazy. Like any growing business, there are always pains. But the best part, is that we all get through them together, and right now Rev’d is in an incredible place and we are only getting bigger.

When I first stepped through the doors of Rev’d, there was only one. Now there are 3, and it’s so crazy to see the growth, and even physically how the studios look different. When I first became an instructor, I think there were only 7 or 8 of us, and now there are 17. We had about 5 desk staff, and now there are over 40. Let’s chat again in a year and see what those numbers are then! It’s SO cool! We just keep getting stronger and stronger.

What do you think the future holds both for you personally and also for Alyssa the Rev’d instructor?

SO MUCH COOL STUFF! I’m getting married in August to my fiancé Mike (he’s also an instructor at Rev’d), and that’s something I’m really looking forward to! He’s my best friend, and we can’t wait to really start our lives together. I’m sure kids aren’t TOO far down the line, so that will be something to look forward too as well!

In terms of Alyssa the instructor, I can’t wait to teach at 10 Rev’ds and bop all around the place every week, helping to continue growing the company with my teammates. I will be the Director of Development for new instructors and gosh knows what else!! Maybe the President of Rev’d??? ☺

What date are you most excited for coming up? (Hint: Tuesday December 19th you might have something fun going on ☺ )

Tuesday, December 19th, it’s going DOWN! Club Rev’d always goes up on Tuesday nights with back to back rides with Meaghan and I, and on the 19th, we have our friends from VitalFit coming in to showcase their products and to join in on the PARTY! I am OBSESSED with everything ya’ll have. And we hope to spread the love to all of our riders!!

Special thanks to Alyssa Boyd for doing this interview with us. As she mentioned, we will be joining her and Meaghan for a special event in Dedham on the night of Decemeber 19th - if there is anyone that is interested, feel free to contact us and we'll give you a bit more info! If you're interested in riding with Alyssa (no-brainer), her schedule is posed on or check her out on instagram @alyssapboyd!

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