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How To Measure Success

April 12, 2019

How To Measure Success

This is part 3 of a 5 part article series from our friend Rick Kleindeinst.  Rick is an endurance athlete, Iron Man, business man, and a Dad.  For the third installment, Rick discusses how to best measure success and stay accountable to yourself - hint: it involves being kind to yourself and those around you! 

Before we begin:

I was thinking the other day about how life is a balance of priorities, and how we react when our lives are turned upside down, or something/someone throws a detour on our pathway to a balanced life.

Let me take a moment to confess something to each of you reading, I along with you am human, and yes, life does throw me curve balls.  And yes, the curve balls throw me off my track sometimes. But that is life!

Now let’s go back to our regularly scheduled programming…

In my previous segment I gave you am example of a tool that I utilize and how to allocate hours per a week in each of the life buckets.

How did you do?

I have no doubt that each of you took the time to start the process.

Now let’s fast forward and your week is over.

It is Sunday and you’re starting to prepare for the next week by creating life categories and allocating time.


Remember I said you should keep track of your hours or estimations daily? This is where those data points are important. Now take the opportunity to take each life category and tally up your hours for the week. Place these hours in the actual column.

Are we good?

You have your actual, or as close as possible in your tracker. As you can see there are some variations between what your weekly goal is to the actual.

What happened there, you ask? Life!

The actual will help you with reaching your weekly goals and get you closer to getting the balance you feel is optimal.

Most recently I was asked by a co-worker how can I find time to work out?

I started to inquire and ask for more details. What was evident to me in the conversation, that there was no balance with her work. I suggested that she set a schedule of days, one or two to allocate an hour for fitness.

We met again a week later, and I inquired how she did fit in her two days of fitness. The goal was 2, but she was only able to get in one day.

Since we have spoken, and I have shared the life categories with allocation of time based on 168 hours in a week, she was able to understand that fitness was a priority to feel good and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Now she is now able to work out 3 days a week and is looking to build more days in.

The moral of the story is…. you try and may fail, but never give up, keep on trying, find that balance!

Be well and stay healthy!


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