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Meet Good Health Natural Foods

by Alfred Schofield August 15, 2017

Meet Good Health Natural Foods

We'd like to introduce our newest retail partner, Good Health Natural Foods! 

Finding transparent independent health food stores is harder than it should be.  After partnering with Cambridge Naturals and The Natural Food Exchange, we started looking for more retail partners that met the standards of these businesses. Established in the 1970's and having remained under the same ownership to this day, Good Health demonstrates the type of dedication and passion for supplements that sustains success and attracts local brands such as VitalFit. Even after all this time, their mission remains the same, "At Good Health, our mission is to bring our customers, the best food, vitamin and cosmetics and strive to give back to our local neighborhoods by promoting lasting good health, balance and well being". 

Good Health is the largest store that we've launched in to date, and the size of the store allows them to carry a wide breadth of natural food products.  They have a full grocery section, as well as a section for supplements and beauty products.  Being a "one stop shop" that is able to have all of the things that a shopper might be looking for is something that is unique among independent health stores.  Despite it's rich history, I actually think that Good Health is far more adaptive to market trends than one might assume.  In fact, Good Health appears to be at the forefront of glocalization, helping usher in a future where communities can do all of their shopping at one central location, that carries exclusively local and trustworthy products.

This sense of service and community extends to their staff as well.  I first started talking to Steven, their supplement lead, months ago, back when our tart cherry was just a pipe dream.  I stopped by one day with our beta packaging and picked Steven's brain for a few minutes.  He said to stay in touch and that if we were able to bring something compelling to market, Good Health would love to support us.  

We kept in touch over the months, and I would call in weekly to touch base, letting Steven know of our progress, and also inquiring about a partnership.  Every time I would call in, I would be greeted by a friendly voice on the other end of the line with a personalized touch, even though I'm sure they were annoyed by my persistence.  Even after my meeting with Steven last week, I spent some time exploring Quincy and spoke with many local business owners and coffee shop patrons.  I was amazed by the great things people had to say about Good Health and the staff members - it is clear that Good Health is integrally stitched into the fabric of the community.  

We are so excited to expand our presence to the South Shore and look forward to building even better relationships with the store and everyone in the surrounding area!

Alfred Schofield
Alfred Schofield

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