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Meet Fisique Boston

by Cameron Fischer May 08, 2017

Meet Fisique Boston

At Vitalfit, we spend a lot of time thinking about authenticity. What it means, what it looks like, and how to maintain it while growing your business. These questions are tougher than they look: authenticity is a very subjective concept, to begin with. However, the beauty of authenticity is that when you can trust your instinct when you know, you know. That’s exactly how we felt when we first met Evan and Mike, the new owners of Fisique Boston—A premier health club in the heart of Boston’s financial district, offering top tier personal training, balanced workout programs, and a variety of boutique fitness classes.

At the time, we were looking for health clubs and studios we could partner with to help us launch our first product, VitalFit Tart Cherry. In an industry fraught with big claims, flashy marketing, and commissioned endorsements, it was and is extremely important to us that we work with genuine people running authentic business—We definitely feel that way about Evan, Mike and the rest of the team at Fisique.

A Genuinely Fresh Start

Fisique Boston experienced quite the transformation since Evan and Mike took over last October. While the original club, Fisique Fitness, opened just nine years ago, "it looked like a time piece from the 1970s" said Mike thinking back to the thoughts that crossed his mind the moment the previous owners handed him the keys. “Now, when you walk into the space just off Congress Street in the heart you enter a light, airy space, with couches, tables, healthy snacks, and are greeted with a friendly, welcoming smile," said Evan.

It's true; we knew just what he meant when we first walked in back in January. It feels upscale, homey and welcoming, all at the same time—this feeling extends way beyond the décor. At any given time, there are people hanging out on the couches, enjoying the company and friendly atmosphere.

Authenticity Through Inclusivity

One of the things that really stood out to us were the interactions between Fisique’s trainers and members. In a time where big box studios and gyms leave trainees disconnected with their trainers, it was awesome to see Fisique embrace that relationship. "It translates into a inclusive environment," Mike says. "The staff are warm and helpful; they provide individualized attention while doing everything they can to maintain that inclusive environment,” Evan adds.

We are constantly amazed how Evan effortlessly remembers every guest's name and even the smallest details of their daily lives. And this attention shows – their personal training clientele has grown exponentially. In just six months, Fisique signed up 5x more personal training accounts than a typical health club secures in a year (national average 3.5%). They've also introduced several boutique studio-style classes that balance strength and cardio training to provide a truly holistic approach to functional fitness. "We like to personalize member's class experience. Rather than signing up as many people as possible, we like to cap our classes at around 12 people. This way we can give everyone the attention they deserve to see real change" says Mike.

Mike and Evan have not stopped working since taking over. They know what is needed to create the environment people are looking for.

“I’ve been in the industry since I was 22. I’ve always been managed and turned around plenty of gyms for other people but never really envisioned doing it for myself. When Mike approached me with the opportunity to buy Fisique, it seemed like everything just sort of came together. With that said, the place was in bad shape when we bought it, but I knew that with my experience and the right people, we could bring it back to life.”

Evan and Mike took a leap of faith, and in our eyes, it seems to be paying off. We know how much work goes into building something on your own—the time and effort Evan and Mike are putting into Fisique is crystal clear. They’ve carved out an inviting fitness getaway in one of Boston's most hectic environments. "We thought that kind of environment was missing from the Financial District, there's plenty of gyms and studios our goal is to be the one where everybody knows your name," says Evan. "Our main goal is to be as connected to the city and the people who keep it alive as possible" adds Mike.



They’ve done that. Evan and Mike have made sure the gym is more than a place to workout, Fisique is a place to relax, socialize, get fit, and stay fit. Most importantly, it's run by people who are as authentic as they experience they provide. One of the coolest things for us is seeing Fisique’s progress in real time. Evan and Mike are working hard to make Fisique the place they want it to be. Every time we stop by, they're working on a new project.

Onward and Upward

Since our first visit, the team at Fisique has upgraded everything from lighting and flooring to equipment and amenities, including a complimentary laundry service. They’ve added a host of group classes and recently launched their first club wide challenge, 6 Fit. Club wide challenges aren’t a new phenomenon, but Fisique is making it a little more personal. While everyone starts and finishes at the same time, each member gets their own, personalized fitness and nutrition plan built around their goals. The plans utilize functional movements combined with a mix of strength, cardio, stability, and mobility training to develop a truly balanced body, ready for the motions of everyday life.

Evan and Mike are working around the clock to make Fisique a meaningful addition to Boston’s thriving fitness scene. Flashy marketing campaigns and incentivized endorsements from influencers isn’t their style—building a community, forming genuine relationships, and creating an inclusive environment is. That’s the feeling you get when you walk first into Fisique, we certainly did. We’re excited to see what Evan and Mike have in store for Fisique next. They’re people we look up to and couldn’t be happier to call them our friends and partners. While we’re still working on our definition of authenticity, we’re pretty sure the people and experiences at Fisique will fit whichever definition we decide on.

Cameron Fischer
Cameron Fischer

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