Analyzing Social Fitness

September 14, 2016

Analyzing Social Fitness

It’s no secret to anyone reading this post that an essential aspect of a happy and healthy lifestyle is regular exercise.  From the short-term effects of dopamine spikes and increased energy to the long-term benefits of heart health and the alleviation of joint pressure, every person has a good reason to invest a portion of their time and effort maintaining an active lifestyle.  The question we want to explore in this forum is how as social beings we can leverage peer-to-peer interaction within the structure of our fitness routines to maintain consistency across workouts and maximize effort within workouts.


The proper fitness regime will lead to social benefits as a bi-product of enhanced self-esteem and the facilitation of new relationships built around a common goal. How can we, as fundamentally social beings, leverage this core aspect of our nature in order to optimize our fitness regime?  Surely you’ve heard the phrase that “getting to the gym is half the battle.”  Would this hold true if the gym were just a collection of aerobic + weight resistance machines?  Of course not! Being around other like-minded individuals creates a buzz in the environment, a community that feeds off of and in turn supplies the component individuals with a will and energy to push physical and mental limits. 


People interpret this as a form of positive peer pressure; nobody wants to be the guy who bails on his workout before breaking a sweat.  That being said, there are so many other ways to actively leverage our fitness communities!  Join a class in order to learn about new forms of exercise.  Utilize your socially-competitive inclination by competing with friends towards healthy fitness goals. 


Pushing your mental and physical boundaries leads to a lot of self-revelation which naturally means that the gym is a great place to learn about others and establish deeply fulfilling and lasting relationships.  Get out there and sweat! While you do so make sure to double dip in the well of self-hygiene by fulfilling your needs as social being and allow the benefits to multiply!

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