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Coming in Hot with Kara Lennon

by Alfred Schofield June 25, 2018

Coming in Hot with Kara Lennon

Hi VitalFit Team, 

We joined our good friend and B/Spoke instructor Kara Lennon on her podcast, Coming in Hot last week.  

We had an awesome time and covered a wide range of topics!

On the podcast, we talked about how we got started, how we develop our products, and what makes our products unique as compared to the thousands of other wellness products that are out there.  

Beyond that, we talked about our day to day lives and our interests outside of VitalFit (Hint: lots of Subway and fishtank talk).  



On the whole, the podcast offers some awesome insights into our world and hopefully gives everybody a better idea of who we are, what we stand for, and a bit more about our founder story! 

Please check it out on iTunes and be sure to subscribe - Kara speaks with a who's who in the Boston wellness scene - many of whom are friends, colleagues, and inspirations! 

We appreciate the time and as always, reach out with any further questions/feedback.

-Cam and Alfred

Alfred Schofield
Alfred Schofield

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