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Colby Triolo - Change Maker

by Cameron Fischer October 12, 2017

Colby Triolo - Change Maker

Colby Triolo is on the come up, again. If the name sounds familiar, you might be wondering what she's been up to since June, after posting her final Instagram on her former account be.happyhealthyfit. At around 35,000 followers, we think it’s fair to say that she was doing things right—vibrant photos, unique content, and a message that resonated well, really well.

But doing things right without doing them for you takes the fun out doing what you love.
Since stepping away frombe.happyhealthyfit, Colby's back to doing things right but above all, doing them on her terms. In honor of her new venture and fast-growing new Instagram account, Colbylivesfit, we sat down with Colby to talk about what inspired her to start fresh, take control of passion, and be your best, most-genuine self.



You have a new account, Colbylivesfit and it is really growing. We can totally see why.  We follow a lot of health and wellness accounts but to us, yours stands out. It’s inspiring, genuine, and clearly, resonates with a lot of people – how do you manage this?

Thank you, that honestly means the world because that is my goal.  Most people don’t know this but this past Summer, I made a leap of faith and left and Instagram account that I had grown to 35,000 followers.  I wrote a full blog post on it here -> http://youmakeyou.net/2017/08/13/i-quit-being-instagram-famous-heres-why/ , but to sum it up, I felt like it wasn’t me behind the posts, and I had far too many obligations with it to companies and people, I essentially lost control of it.  And, I think that is why my new one is genuine and inspiring because I try so hard to not become what it used to be. I really focus on being myself, being relatable, not hiding the truth, and not conforming to social media trends persay.  And, I manage this by simply being me! I truly believe and act with what I post, so it just sort of falls into place.

Do you ever feel self-conscious or scared about sharing things on social media? How do you overcome this?
Certain things, yes for sure, I am not one to be vulnerable! But, I think that is the beauty of it when you share something you are scared to, you see how many people have your back AND how you are not alone.

What inspires you to keep this going day after day?

I have a genuine obsession with the potential we all have.  As cliché as it sounds, I see each and every day as a chance to do something new, break through a new wall, and become a better me.  So, that is what keeps me going … my absolute love for seeing how I can beat who I was yesterday.  And, of course, goals.  I set them, and I set them hard.  With my personality, I will not stop until I reach them, and then when I do, it’s on to bigger ones!  I am notorious for keeping little post-its and notecards taped to my walls and mirrors with my goals clearly visible.



In entrepreneurship, everyone uses the word “secret sauce”. How would you describe your “secret sauce”?
LMAO no, I have not heard that! But, I guess my secret sauce would have to be “YOU MAKE YOU!” Right? In the end, it comes down to no other thing or person but yourself and what you do, how you react to things, and what path you choose.  

Is there anything, in particular, you’d like to be known for? What’s is your overarching?
I don’t want to be anyone’s motivation, I want to be the one that motivates every single person to be their own motivation.  I want to empower others to empower themselves.

You’re a big proponent for body positivity and acceptance – why is this important to you and how do you think the movement can help others? How can this movement grow through social media?

Yes! I am. And I get it, the first thing you see when you meet someone is their body, you don’t see how their legs can squat x number of pounds, how their legs can carry them through Spartan Races, or how their arms can do pull-ups for reps on end.  It’s a shame. But, I do think our world is moving in that direction, and I think it is super important that when you do find yourself being critical of your body (or others), to take a step back and think about all of these things that bodies can do because of their size. 

I’ve struggled all of my life with body image issues, I have never been the “skinny girl”, and I have always had “strong legs”.  Luckily, I have found the sport of CrossFit where these things not only don’t matter but come in handy.  And, that is what I hope for everyone—that they can find the thing, whatever that thing may be, that makes them forget about body shape and size and instead focus on how their body and soul feels.

And, to be frank, I think social media is not good for this.  No matter what you caption a photo of your body, 90% of people will not read that caption and instead, maybe without even realizing it, compare their body to what they see.  No Bueno.

On a larger scale, how can society shift more towards a culture of acceptance?
Fill your cup before you fill others.  I think often something is missing in ourselves, so we take it out on others.  I believe if we focus on making ourselves whole before anything else, the world would be a better place.



Before we go, we’d love to learn a little more about your new venture, what can you tell us?
My newest venture is YouMakeYou®, an online community to empower others to empower themselves in all aspects of life.  This stemmed from my personal journey of overcoming chronic pain resulting from severe concussions.  My full story is here http://youmakeyou.net/my-story/ , but to sum it up I suffered for over 2 years with un-ending headaches and pain to the point where I was forced to take a year off of school, and could barely stand the act of leaving my house.  I went through 10’s of procedures and saw countless doctors.  I was told manytimes that 1. There was nothing anyone could do to heal me, 2. I would never run or do intense exercise again, and 3. Computer screens would always give me migraines because of my post-concussion syndrome effects.  After suffering for the longest two years ever,I woke up one day and said “This will not be my life.  I will not accept this pain and suffering anymore.”  And then, I used the power of my mind and sheer will of self-trust to will myself over all of the symptoms.  I’ve even broken the walls set around me to run 2 marathons, andbecome a Computer Science Engineer, take that Doctors!



Thank you so much, Colby, for joining our blog series! If you want to stay up to date with Colby check out her Instagram @colbylives fit and stop by her site http://youmakeyou.net/. We highly recommend it!

Cameron Fischer
Cameron Fischer

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