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Breaking Down The Science - Cordyceps

by Rochelle Louis April 12, 2018

Breaking Down The Science - Cordyceps


In September 1993, Cordyceps made international headlines when a team of Chinese women runners broke world records by huge margins. It was later discovered that these athletes were supplementing with cordyceps to improve their performance.

So what are Cordyceps? Cordyceps are fungi used around the world to boost stamina, energy, immunity and more! They have been used in traditional Chinese medicine since the 1700s and are used in food and teas to promote health and longevity.  This article explores the scientific basis behind the use of Cordyceps sinensis as a tonic and health supplement.


Scientific Research Paper:  The Chemical Constituents and Pharmacological Actions of  Cordyceps sinensis- Yi Liu et al.

Objective of the Research Study:  To extract the chemical components of Cordyceps sinensis and associate a pharmacological effect to these constituents.

What they found:

The experimenters extracted a number of chemical constituents from Cordyceps sinensis including proteins, polysaccharides and nucleosides. A few of the constituents and their pharmacological effects are listed below. They found that components of Cordyceps sinensis had pharmacological benefits ranging from  immunity boosters to anti-tumor effects.

The Takeaway:

Cordyceps are continuing to gain popularity in the scientific community for their promising pharmacological effects. This makes it potentially useful for future medical advances. While further research is necessary before it can be used in medical drugs and therapies, Cordyceps have always been popular in Eastern medicine. Recently, the wellness industry has begun using Cordyceps as a source of sustainable plant-based energy. Many athletes benefit from supplementing with Cordyceps as it helps them improve stamina and increase performance.



Liu, Yi, Jihui Wang, Wei Wang, Hanyue Zhang, Xuelan Zhang, and Chunchao Han. "The Chemical Constituents and Pharmacological Actions OfCordyceps Sinensis."


Note: The topics discussed on The Collective are science-based but it is always recommended to check with your physician or RD before making changes to your diet and lifestyle to avoid any negative interactions.


Rochelle Louis
Rochelle Louis

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